Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I play?

    We would love to see you come and play with us at the RSF. Gym times can be found on the left sidebar. There are also other professional badminton gyms in the Bay Area, such as EBA, BBC, Bintang, CBA, just to name a few.

  • When do club members show up?

    Club members usually play Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday mornings. Only occasionally do club members show up on Friday nights. A few members come as early as 5:30pm on Tues. and Thurs. and most members will have left by 9:00pm. Members come between 10:00am and 1:00pm on Saturdays. You can find us on the right side of the Fieldhouse.

  • Does the club cover RSF membership?

    Unfortunately, no. Because we use the RSF facilities for practices, meets, and our tournament, all members need to obtain RSF membership separately. For more information, you can visit RSF’s membership page.

  • How do I join the club?

    There will be announcements made on this site at the beginning of each semester regarding club membership. Please join the mailing list as we will send out membership information along with other goodies that way.

  • Why does the gym schedule sometimes change?

    The RSF has to juggle a lot of activities in its facilities. The schedule is fairly constant, but is sometimes thrown off by special events, such as tournaments for volleyball, basketball, or other sports. To keep yourself up to date, please refer to RSF’s master calendar.

  • Why are there sometimes only 3 available courts to play on?

    The RSF workers are the ones that set up the badminton nets. Depending on the RSF gym schedule, occasionally badminton is only scheduled to have 3 courts for certain times. Because so few people usually show up at the very beginning of open gym, the RSF workers only set up 3 courts until more people show up and leave the other half for basketball. If there are only 3 courts set up and people are waiting for courts, go down to the front desk (just inside the main entrance) and ask to check the schedule. If badminton is supposed to have both sides of the gym, ask them to set up the other side.

  • What does 'club only' mean?

    The Fieldhouse is open on Saturdays from 10am to 1pm for “club only” practice. This is the time when ladder matches and drilling happens for the club. We almost never take up the full 6 courts, so others are welcome to use any free courts. But this is also the time that intercollegiate meets takes place, so the club reserves the right to remove non-club members if it needs the court space.

  • Is there a club fee?

    Yes. Club dues are $70/semester during the school year and $35 for the summer. The club uses membership fees to cover birds ($$$), social events, and tournament operating costs. By coming to practice regularly and attending a few events, you can easily get more than your money’s worth from the club.

  • Why should I join?

    There are many, many reasons to join, some of which are listed on the welcome page. Some of the more compelling reasons are:

    1. 1. Meet people who love doing what you love doing!
    2. 2. The club can be competitive, social, or both.
    3. 3. The club pays for the cost of most socials.
    4. 4. You won't have to buy your own birds anymore.
    5. 5. It's fun, fun, fun!
  • Who can join?

    Cal Badminton is open to anyone in the Berkeley community. We have members who are undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, local residents, and even international visitors. While there are certain restrictions on who can play in intercollegiate meets, EVERYONE has access to club practices, tournaments and socials. You do not need to be good to join. There is time on Saturdays for drilling and practicing and we would be happy to help you.