Meet the hard-working people behind the club

Executive Team


Bianca Tam

Fourth Year | Economics, Media Studies

I’m no longer a coffee and boba addict, but if you ask, I’m usually always down. I also love being active by doing weights, core, and hiking. I’m currently in my 20’s, learning how to ride a bike. I’m having a hard time going straight, but I like the feeling of an adrenaline rush.

Internal Vice President

John Le

Third Year | Computer Science

Hi! I'm from San Jose, California. I like to eat food, cook, and play badminton.

External Vice President

Flora Jin

Third Year | Molecular & Cell Biology, Psychology

Hi! I’m a third-year psych and mcb major. Aside from badminton, I love soccer, figure skating, and the arts! I’m always down to meet new friends and talk about anything so don’t hesitate to hit me up!

Officer Team

Co-Equipment Manager

Jimmy Do

Third Year | Data Science

Hey everyone! In addition to badminton, I also love Volleyball and Table Tennis! I love meeting new people and talking about ANYTHING (I mean it) so feel free to come up to me if you just want to have a conversation.

Co-Equipment Manager

Ryan Chan

Second Year | Computer Science

Hi everyone, my name is Ryan and I'm a sophomore studying computer science. On top of playing badminton, I also enjoy listening to music and playing video games.


Cynthia Liu

Third Year | Molecular & Cell Biology, Nutrition

Hello! I’m a third year MCB/NST major, from Auckland, New Zealand. I love to cook, bake and eat food (+take photos of said food lmao), and also have this problem where I buy too much stationary but still want more :’D


Dhruti Pandya

Second Year | Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Hi! I’m Dhruti, a sophomore from San Diego. Apart from playing badminton, I love to hike, paint, and eat food. Feel free to reach out anytime to say hi and talk about life!

Co-Social Chair

Eric Chang

Third Year | Computer Science, Statistics

Hello friends! I’m Eric and in my free time I enjoy catching up with shows and hanging out with friends. I also like watching cardistry on YouTube and playing all types of games. Feel free to say hi or introduce yourself if you see me around campus! I can’t wait to meet you guys!

Co-Social Chair

Andrew Shen

Second Year | Computer Science

Average badminton and cs enjoyer


Charles Liu

Second Year | Computer Science

Hi! I'm a CS major from SoCal and I grew up playing badminton. I enjoy reading books, playing games with friends, and listening to Kpop. Can't wait to meet everyone!

Safety Officer

Justin Nguyen

Third Year | Public Health

Hi there! I’m from San Jose and am pursuing a career in epidemiology. I enjoy listening to EDM, going on nature hikes, and trying out different coffees around the world. You’ll often find me chilling in Doe Library or a cafe near campus (pre-COVID). Let’s get to know each other!


Raymond Ji

Third Year | Computer Science

Let's have a great semester!


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